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Oct 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
: hi, jon. thank you to c-span. we talk tough. during the bush administration, we talked about the axis of evil, iraq, iran, and north korea. about benghazi -- i watched the hearings all the way through. the two security people kept talking about more security, they ask for more security. mr. nordstrom was asked if more security would have stopped this attack and his answer was no. guest: so what is the question? host: that is all we heard from her. guest: it raises the complexity of the situation in syria. more security would not necessarily have stopped the attacke. the other issue is what the president should have known and when and whether this intelligence should have landed at the doorstep of the white house or not. these kind of request to not normally make it up to the white house. the white house cannot be dealing with every security request for merit local american outpost around the world. the president and vice president have more important work to do. to lay them at the foot of the president is not necessarily fair. it raises the level of presidential attention. president o
Oct 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
: that is president obama n comedy central with jon storage. he also made comments about libya. we will look at where the candidates stand on foreign policy, foreign affairs and campaign 2012. for now, we are looking at humor. and what role you think plays. does it help or the track to the image you have of him? kentucky, on our line for independents. caller: my comment is but i do not really care for it. i think it just cheapens the issues. they are very serious to people out your suffering. and it just strikes me as fodder for the rich and wealthy. what else do they have to do but laugh at all of us poor people at our expense. it is just indicative of our culture that does not care for one another. thank you. host: florida on our line for democrats, ana. caller: hello. i am really happy about seeing the democracy country. this is beautiful. a separate their feelings and get up and joke. that is beautiful. this is what america is. i loved it. and i think everyone should loved it. we have time that we cry. we have time that we have to laugh. it is beautiful. america is the most beautiful country and
Oct 29, 2012 7:00am EDT
the way he hand that would thing in benghazi. thank you. host: caller jon in north carolina comments on the same lines as you. he writes benghazi is the storm that sealed the election. here is what the romney campaign is doing as they look at this storm. it says one of his senior advisors said despite impended wall to wall coverage on sandy he feels voters in the region have received enough information ahead of the election and reiterated the campaign's focus on the safety and well being for those in the storm's path. this is senior advice sor to the romney campaign. mat independent caller good morning caller: good morning. i was calling about president obama in regard to the hurricane. and i don't know people have short memories when florida got hit by a terrible storm and president obama was the first person to go down there and disperse funds. at the i forget, it was the governor of florida, i forget his name but he was republican and he embraced the president and shook his hand and hugged him. and right after that, the whole republican party pretty much disregarded and got rid of
Oct 10, 2012 7:00am EDT
time on c-span. representative jeff flake trying to get the seat left by current senator jon kyl and richard carmona the democrat in that race. we're joined now by david corn, of course mother jones and out with a new ebook that 47% video of the word spoken by governor mitt romney at a fundraiser. the governor was asked about it yesterday when he was on cnn. i want to show a little bit of that and get your reaction what he's saying now about this video. [video clip] what i'm saying, words came out what's not what i meant. what i mean people understand that if i'm president, i'll be president for 100% of the people. my whole campaign is about helping the middle class have rising income and more jobs and helping get people out of poverty into the middle class. that's what this campaign is about. the wealthy are doing fine right thousand. they'll do fine most likely regardless of who's elected president. it's the middle class that's having a hard time under president obama. my campaign is about 100% of the american people. so describes what was stated in the paper is not referring t
Oct 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
and foremost for us. thank you. host: we have an e-mail from tennessee. joyo verses jon verses jonna. guest: jonna put a smart e-mail there. most people to knock realize -- host: i think joy police that and that's why she's voting for governor romney. caller: good morning. the other night at the debate, the president's said that we were producing more oil and energy and stuff. how come the prices have not come down? i have a daughter that graduate with honors a year ago. she is having a hard time finding a job. i have a hard time voting for a president who doesn't respect the country. when the flag is there, he puts his hands somewhere else, not on his heart. i believe in the country. he doesn't respect america. host: have you always voted republican? caller: i voted for who i thought was the best candidate. host: who did you vote for in 2008? caller: i didn't vote for obama. 2004? guest caller: i voted republican. caller: can you hear me? host: you are on the air. caller: go back and look at history. i've seen the differences and the changes. i want people to go back and look at history. a
Oct 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
, at that time, jon voight was a democrat. i danced with him, and i was in my native state of wisconsin up in milwaukee. so i've been a regular supporter of the democratic candidates. host: molly ball, how many of the folks that you've seen in various ground operations are long-time supporters and people who have experience, like our friend in florida, versus people who are out there for the first time getting involved in campaign politics? guest: it's a mix. i think one really good point that can be made from that call is that when someone is in their own community, talking to people they know, that is so much more effective in terms of persuading people and convincing them to vote than anything that you get in the mail or see on television. people tune out a lot of this stuff. the robocalls, there's actually research showing that when a paid staffer calls you on the phone, that you don't know, and when a volunteer calls out phone, even when you don't know whether that person is paid or not, there's a difference in how persuasive that call is. when it's a volunteer who just wants to be th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6